Mountain West Strategies

Community-based campaigns that win.


*Grassroots & Community Strategies

*Coalition Building & Stakeholder Engagement

*Campaign Development & Management

*Media Relations

*Strategic Research & Communications

*Policy & Document Analysis


Now offering workshops on advocacy campaigns.


The Art of Advocacy: Finding the Way to the Winning Campaign — a framework for understanding what makes an effective advocacy campaign

Overview to Campaign Development — covering the ‘nuts and bolts’ steps taken to assess the situation and craft a campaign plan

Crafting the Winning Campaign — hands on training and practice in campaign development, including campaign assessment and crafting a plan



P1000423Mountain West Strategies specializes in public outreach and community engagement in western Colorado, eastern Utah, and the Mountain West.


Getting the On-the-Ground Response


With years of experience working on public lands, energy, and recreation resource issues, Mountain West Strategies can provide research and analysis, strategic planning, media development, stakeholder relations, and the campaign management to create effective community-based action.


Among Mountain West Strategies early efforts was helping to lead the Roan Plateau Campaign.  We also provided strategic direction and coordination for the Hidden Gems Wilderness Campaign, and coordinated a broad range of conservation groups around a Colorado-specific roadless rulemaking for National Forests. Credit-Delicious-Orchards-Sen.-Bennet-Visit-1


Mountain West Strategies was instrumental in preparing analysis and technical detail, developing strategies, and orchestrating tactics that stopped oil and gas leasing in Colorado’s premier organic and sustainable farming region in 2012 and 2013.


Since then Mountain West Strategies has worked with local, rural stakeholders to develop a community alternative for a local U.S. Bureau of Land Management land use plan, and has done additional work with campaigns building alliances in agricultural, rural, and western Colorado communities.


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